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Lucy And Emmett's Podcast

Emily Milling and Luke O'Grady

An improv podcast by Emily Milling and Luke O'Grady featuring improvisers from Toronto! (Definitely not a kid's podcast.)Remember what it was like being a little kid? Carefree, adventurous, excited for any small adventure? Lucy and Emmett do! Because they are little kids! And they want to share it with the world! They’ve gotten hold of their dad’s audio recording equipment and they’re not looking back. Join Lucy and her little brother Emmett and hear, through the voice of children, all of the wacky things this world has to offer.Lucy (Emily Milling) and her little brother Emmett (Luke O’Grady) have control over their dad’s podcast equipment and they are ready to tell the world what it’s really like being a little kid! Join them as they encounter wacky characters and absurd situations and maybe even grow up a little!